Friday, 17 November 2017

Understanding Automotive O-Rings and Seals

Automotive O-Rings and Seal which is used for filling the gap between the two components in order to ensure that there is no leakage between them during compression stage. Automotive seals can bear both low and high compressive loads. These automotive parts come in different designs, shapes and specifications. Commonly used seal include o-rings, O-rings can be used in static applications and in dynamic applications, in the automotive industry o-rings is to seal at -40°C without leakage.
The stationery sprung elements that are used for holding tightly the various components of an automobile are automotive o-rings, The materials and design is such that the O-rings manufactured for the automotive industry can function effectively in extreme temperatures, under pressure, and in the presence of harsh liquids and gases
Seals are an imperative part of the automotive industry. They are used in various applications and components. Seals enable a vehicle and its engine to function smoothly. These components are used across automotive applications like motorcycles, all terrain vehicles and other off-road heavy-duty equipment.
Although seals form a small part of the constitution of a vehicle or engine, they serve a bigger purpose. Some of these functions are : Enclosing liquid and gases in a chamber, Keeping dust and other contaminants away from the integral parts of the component. They also keep different types of liquids and gases away from one another, Protection of bearings.
Generally, automotive seals are corrosion-resistant and have long service lives. Depending on the type of engine used and its emission standards, the material of the seals can vary.
Customer demand and government regulations continue to push the automotive industry to improve efficiency, and many of these improvements affect o-ring and seal materials .
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