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O-Ring Store

           Our specialty is solving sealing problems for     
                     original equipment manufactuers.

* Dimensions of the o-ring are defined by inside diameter (ID) and the cross section (CS).
* Dynamic o-rings and seals are used in an application where there are moving parts.
* Static o-rings and seals are used in an application where nothing is moving.
* On elastomers: Shore A scale is the most common scale used for the hardness of an Elastomer.
* NBR is used widely in o-rings ,it has the characteristics of mineral oil and abrasion resistance.
* HNBR is known for its physical strength and retention of properties after long-term exposure to heat.
* Silicone o-rings and seals have good resistance to ozone and weather.
* Viton Extreme  o-rings are used for  oil & gas, chemical processing, utilities, automotive.
* EP, EPDM o-rings are resistant to many dilute acids and alkalis and also to polar solvents.
* Neoprene o-rings are commonly used  in refrigeration industry due to excellent resistance
    to ammonia, Freon.
* Polyurethane o-rings are resistant to abrasion and extrusion plus they are very tough overall.
* FEP encapsulated o-rings are used in the food and pharmaceutical industries for hygiene.
* O-rings are popular because they are inexpensive, easy to make, reliable and simple to install.

                             We solve sealing problems for Different Applications
*Just-In-Time inventory of O-Ring standard sizes: AS568, JIS, JASO,AS871,British metric sizes
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